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Dean Poulton Biography

Dean Poulton is a British architect and home improvement reality show host. He hosts HGTV\’s \’Saving the Manor\’ alongside his fiance Borja De Maqua where they showcase the restoration of a manor encompassing five buildings and 65 rooms, once owned by King Henry VII.

Dean Poulton Age

He was born on March 11, 1987 in England.

Dean Poulton Height

He stands at a height of 6 feet 3 inches tall.

Dean Poulton Family

Dean has not revealed the names of his parents nor those of his siblings, if he has any. He said in one of his Instagram posts that his family doesn\’t like being in the limelight.

Dean Poulton Married

Dean is in a relationship with Borja De Maqua. The couple met via a GPS and dating-app good fortune. Dean said in an interview that Borja was flying into England from Paris and he was passing by the airport at that exact time.

“It was a location-based app, and Borja was flying into England from Paris and I was passing by the airport at that exact time … it was just meant to be!”

Five days later after their first encounter they went for a date and after two months they moved in together. Three months after that they bought their first home and have been engaged for six years (since 2016).

Dean has created their working together as a solidifying factor for their relationship. “If you do a restoration together in a relationship — if you can survive that, you can survive anything.”

Dean Poulton Sexuality

Dean is openly gay.

Dean Poulton Architect

Poulton is an architect with over a decade of experience and has spent over 25 years enjoying the art of construction — from Legos to designing studio showrooms and housing developments. He is a director at Progression Architects Limited. He is a former director at Progression Estates Ltd which was dissolved on April 20, 2021 via voluntary strike off.

Dean Poulton Saving The Manor HGTV

Dean and his fiancee Borja De Maqua are the hosts of HGTV home improvement show \’Saving the Manor\’. In the show, the couple are restoring a 5-building, 65-room Georgian manor on land once owned by King Henry VII. They have been restoring the historic 65-room Warwickshire estate for the last three and a half years since they bought it in March 2018.

The couple said they didn\’t plan to buy the estate but they just fell in love with it after they saw it.

“Why did we buy an estate? It’s just because we fell in love. We never planned on buying this project. This just came up! We were being nosy. We went to have a look, and when you fall in love, you fall in love.”

During an interview with Country Homes & Interior they said that one one else wanted the estate they were the only ones that viewed it.

\”While away on holiday, I happened to glance online at commercial properties in Warwickshire. It was then I saw that the manor house that we’d often pass on our way to work was for sale. Although the details showed just three photographs, triggering alarm bells about its condition, it piqued our interest. We couldn’t wait to view the estate, located in Coleshill, a quaint coaching town.

We offered as much as we could, taking all the unknown factors into consideration. When we heard back, hearing the offer had been accepted, we were like, Shoot! I bet we have offered too much! We were expecting a counter offer at the very least. The reality was that no one wanted to get near the place. We were the only ones that viewed it.”

Part of the estate is already opened as they opened the Caretakers Cottage in May 2021 to short term renters. The cottage is a wo-bedroom structure within the estate’s courtyard that once accommodated staff who worked at the property.

Dean Poulton My Tiny Estate

Prior to joining HGTV, the couple shared their renovation journey on their blog \’My Tiny Estate\’  and also formed a community on Instagram where they share the progress (@mytinyestate). This is not their first home improvement project as they have restored other homes. Their other work can be viewed on their blog.

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