Ken Dilanian NBC News Justice Justice and Intelligence Correspondent Biography

Biography of NBC News Correspondent Ken Dilanian – Wife, Ancestry, Salary

Ken Dilanian Biography

Ken Dilanian is an NBC News Justice and Intelligence Correspondent based in Washington. He reports for the all the network’s television and digital platforms and appears regularly on “NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt” and MSNBC.

He got his start in journalism in 1991 after he stumbled inti a job covering some suburban towns for The Philadelphia Inquirer. The first story he ever wrote was a feature about a pet cemetery.

He is a former reporter for the Los Angeles Times’ and has also worked as a foreign policy and Congress reporter for USA Today for three years. In addition, he worked at the Philadelphia Inquirer for a decade and won the 2007 Casey Medal for Meritorious Journalism for a series he co-wrote on deaths in Philadelphia’s child welfare system.

Ken Dilanian Age

Dilanian is 55 years old, he was born in 1968 in Massachusetts, USA. He celebrates his birthday on May 13.

Ken Dilanian Height

He stands at a height of 6 feet 1 inch tall.

Ken Dilanian Ancestry

Dilanian is of Caucasian ancestry with Armenian roots from his paternal side.

Ken Dilanian Education

Ken is a Political Science and History major graduate from the Williams College. He spent a semester at New South Wales University in Sydney, Australia studying Australian and Japanese politics. While at William College, he played football and wrote for the school paper.

Ken Dilanian Family

Ken is the son of Ken Dilanian Sr. and Barbara Dilanian. His father was an Armenian who was born in Jamaica. He died on May 17, 2021 at the age of 88 after battling a rare form of blood cancer known as myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS). He served in the Eisenhower Administration.

His mother, Barbara was a school teacher, he was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease and received two cadaveric kidney transplants that were subsequently rejected. She underwent several courses of chemotherapy and radiation therapy for Hodgkin lymphoma and then contracted bronchiolitis obliterans which led to her death in 2011.

Ken Dilanian Sister

Ken was brought up alongside his younger sister, Jane Dilanian. She did an impromptu after she was informed by the nurses that her mother wouldn’t make it to her planned August wedding. She had respiratory problems and her lungs were in bad shape and couldn’t breath without a lot of oxygen. The wedding was held on Tuesday and their mother died on Tuesday.

Ken Dilanian Wife

Dilanian is married to Catherine Yoon. Cathy is an executive assistant at CrowsStrike and has formerly worked as an executive assistant for The Washington Post as well as an executive assistant to the director at the National Museum of Natural History. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and East Asian Studies.

She has also worked at Smithsonian Institution as a special assistant, office of investments as well as at Georgetown University as an executive assistant, office of Investments.

Ken Dilanian Children

Ken and his wife Cathy have two sons together – Kenneth III and Maxwell.

Ken Dilanian NBC News

Ken is a Justice and Intelligence correspondent for NBC News based in Washington DC-Baltimore Area. He joined NBC News in January 2016 as an intelligence and national security reporter and after almost 7 years he was promoted to a correspondent in May 2019 covering national security and intelligence and in August 2022 he became the justice and intelligence correspondent.

Prior to joining NBC News, he served as an intelligence writer for the Associated Press where she covered the intelligence community in the AP Washington bureau. He has also worked as a national security correspondent for Los Angeles Times.

He began his career at Philadelphia Inquirer where he stayed for a decade. He served as a Rome correspondent, investigative reporter and political reporter. He spent three years as a Rome correspondent covering the Iraq war. He there after joined USA Today as a State Department correspondent, investigative reporter and congressional correspondent where he covered the 2008 presidential campaign.

Ken Dilanian Armenian

Ken is not Armenian but his father, Ken Dilanian Sr. was was the youngest son of Armenians.

Ken Dilanian Weight Loss

Ken has not shared his weight loss journey or regime but it is clear from his before and after photos that he has lost a few pounds. His double chin, face and belly fat has reduced.

Ken Dilanian Illness

Dilanian has no known illness but his father Ken Dilanian Sr. suffered from myelodysplastic syndrome, a rare form of blood cancer.

Ken Dilanian Salary

Ken’s actual salary is unknown but he is estimated to earn an annual base salary of  $100,000. He also has accumulated an estimated net worth of around $1.4 million

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