Who was Jessie Lee Ward? Death & Cause; Wiki, Age, Husband

Jessie Lee Ward, a Network Marketing Professional and CEO of Jessie Lee, reportedly passed away from Stage 4 colon cancer on September 16, 2023. She also served as the Vice President of Pruvit, a nutrition supplement company. This publication will preview her career, her life (whether she was married or not), and her cause of death.

Who was Jessie Lee Ward?

Jessie described herself on her website as a number one Network Marketer globally, earning a 7-figure annually. She was also a serial entrepreneur, investor, traditional business owner, business coach, and podcaster.

She was also a high-ranking ambassador and VP for Pruvit, a nutrition supplement company on her LinkedIn. Jessie described herself as an ” Energetic achiever with outstanding communications and negotiation skills. Able to grasp new concepts easily and work well under pressure. Communicates clearly and effectively orally and in writing.”

She majored in Marketing and Communications at Hunters College from 208 to 2010.

Was Jessie Lee Ward married? Her Boyfriend, Aviram Ezra

Jessie was in a relationship with Aviram Ezra, an Israeli national whom she met while visiting the country. On August 26, the two celebrated their first anniversary, with Jessi posting on IG, “One year of loving you like crazy crazy crazy ❤️❤️

I left Israel and said I’d never come back, and almost as soon as I landed, God had other plans and sent me you. Now I’m writing this from Israel 🇮🇱🤣❤️

Thank you for loving me through the hardest season of my life and never even thinking of leaving on the insane days in February as we started navigating this. Thank you for always reminding me we will win everything. Thank you for being my peace and safe place. Thank you for being so strong, steady, and steadfast in your love for me.

I love how you love me. I love your openness, honesty, vulnerability, truth, kindness, willingness to grow, and so much more.

Thank you for traveling the world with me, supporting my vast dreams and goals, and building a life with me. Thank you for bringing me into your family, who is equally warm, supportive, and kind as you (but they feed me too much 🤣).

I’m so grateful for one year and even more grateful we’re only starting. I was always so underwhelmed and bored with men. And then there was you. My match.

Happy anniversary, @aviram.ezra. I’ll love you for all of my life. I promise ❤️

Love, yalda shelcha 😘 💋”

Jessie Lee Ward’s Death & Cause

Jessie Lee died on September 16, 2023. Multiple friends and colleagues have since confirmed her death. She was suffering from Stage 4 Colon Cancer. A week prior to her death, she got a scan with her oncologist, who informed her that she was winning and didn’t need a rescan for 6 months.

Courtney Lewis Line wrote on Facebook, “My heart aches. It’s hard for me even to believe this news. For those of you who are in the network marketing industry, you know this woman. For those who don’t, she is the definition of a warrior. She is the definition of a leader. She is the definition of selfless, grit, and perseverance.
Jessie Lee Ward gave so much of herself to everyone. She wanted people to win. She wanted people to know they were wildly capable of their dreams and stepping into the very best versions of themselves. She defeated so many odds in her life, and I hoped that cancer would be another.

Jessie Lee, it was an honor to meet you this summer. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to hear you at our conference. Your coaching was so next-level; you even gave us extra… something you didn’t have to do. Thanks for being such an example. Thanks for helping us see the power of impact. Thanks for being such an inspiration and fighter for this industry. I will continue to show up, just as you always did, to help others see the power of possibility.
You will be forever missed here.

Praying for all who know and love you today and in the future.”

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